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FASTTRACK ATPL and Aviation Insider have forged an exciting new partnership aiming at bringing ATPL students the next step of from their training with type rating question banks and other Aviation Insider products/services.

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EasyMemoryItem – confidence comes from preparation!
Study Limitations and Memory Items for many airplanes faster than ever.
EasyMemoryItem keeps your “Level of Fitness” permanently in the green band! Our
training plan will help you to improve your fitness level with a minimum investment of time -
anywhere even without internet connection. Enjoy Flight Safety!


YUFENG Consulting

YUFENG Consulting - The 1st address for pilots in China!
Yufeng Consulting, pilot outsourcing & recruitment leading agency, established in 2013,
with our main base of operations in Shanghai, China. Be believe and constantly rely on our
values, from where we create a relationship of “professionalism, honesty, consideration,
respect and efficiency”.


VOR Tracker

VOR navigation simulator and IFR procedure trainer
VOR Tracker is a small but powerful training tool for pilots. It is the only one of its kind for the iPhone/iPad.

VOR Tracker is a real simulation, so you will find no multiple choice questions or abstract explanations. You can actually practice IFR procedures in real time, using either a RMI or HSI.

Practice holding patterns, DME arcs, radial interceptions and 2 needle tracking. It is practice what it is all about! There is no need for explaining again and again what you already know from flight school. It is about applying your knowledge when the instruments start moving!

Chose between a VOR and NDB and get used to the different characteristics. The NDB comes with atmospheric disturbances and an adjustable dip error to match the instrument you are used to.

Don’t waste your time trying to imagine what you would do in the aircraft – just do it!

Popular Question Database


All in one English questionbank for your ultimate preparation for the Chinese CAAC ATPL exam. If you are planing to go for the Chinese ATPL license this app will be of great help to you! It covers all relevant chapters like Meteorology, Aerodynamics, Navigation, not to forget the tricky Civil Aviation Law, Public Air Transport, ICAO Convention and Annex and many more. An app which offers you an efficient and quick way to your success!

You can subscribe to this questionnaire catalog in our App. (Browser based subscription and training is coming soon!)

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