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We provide you with various current questionnaires. Among others, we offer an ATPL catalogue with more than 10,000 ATPL questions. As a special highlight, each question in the General Navigation contains a detailed explanation of the solution. So you shouldn't have any difficulty grasping this challenging topic. In addition we offer special catalogs for the preparation for pilot jobs in the Middle East region or in China as well as type ratings of different aircraft models.

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Air law and operational procedures GCAA

The subject "UAE GCAA Air Law and Operational Procedures" provides especially applicants from the Middle East Region with an up to date question bank. Our GCAA air law exam questions help tp prepare for the theoretical exam.

  • 1174 Questions
  • 18 Categories
EASA ATPL Package (former JAA)

This package provides you with an up-to-date questionbank of more than 8.000 ATPL questions according to EASA (former JAA).

  • 8109 Questions
  • 117 Categories
  • Detailed solution explanations

All in one English questionbank for your ultimate preparation for the Chinese CAAC ATPL exam. If you are planing to go for the Chinese ATPL license this app will be of great help to you! It covers all relevant chapters like Meteorology, Aerodynamics, Navigation, not to forget the tricky Civil Aviation Law, Public Air Transport, ICAO Convention and Annex and many more. An app which offers you an efficient and quick way to your success!

  • 4371 Questions
  • 25 Categories
All available catalogs
Catalog Categories Questions  
 EASA ATPL Package (former JAA) 117 8109 Details & plans
 Air Law and Operational Procedures GCAA 18 1174 Details & plans
 BUNDLE: Air Law and Operational Procedures GCAA + B777 Type Rating 34 1999 Details & plans
 CAAC Chinese ATPL 25 4371 Details & plans
 Type-Rating - B737 17 924 Details & plans
 Type-Rating - A320 21 879 Details & plans
 Type-Rating - B777 16 825 Details & plans
 Wizz Air ATPL Questions 12 598 Details & plans
 Qatar Airways ATPL Questions 11 567 Details & plans
 The 500 Need to Know Assessment ATPL Questions 11 551 Details & plans
 Type-Rating - B747 23 656 Details & plans
All available catalogs
 EASA ATPL Package (former JAA)
Details & plans
117 categories, 8109 questions
 Air Law and Operational Procedures GCAA
Details & plans
18 categories, 1174 questions
 BUNDLE: Air Law and Operational Procedures GCAA + B777 Type Rating
Details & plans
34 categories, 1999 questions
 CAAC Chinese ATPL
Details & plans
25 categories, 4371 questions
 Type-Rating - B737
Details & plans
17 categories, 924 questions
 Type-Rating - A320
Details & plans
21 categories, 879 questions
 Type-Rating - B777
Details & plans
16 categories, 825 questions
 Wizz Air ATPL Questions
Details & plans
12 categories, 598 questions
 Qatar Airways ATPL Questions
Details & plans
11 categories, 567 questions
 The 500 Need to Know Assessment ATPL Questions
Details & plans
11 categories, 551 questions
 Type-Rating - B747
Details & plans
23 categories, 656 questions
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Our question databases are permanently updated. Do you have any questions you are missing? We always welcome your feedback. After detailed examination we will be happy to include your questions in our catalogue.
Specialized catalogs
Specialized catalogs

We provide special catalogs for the Middle East Region (Air law and operational procedures GCAA) and for the Chinese CAAC ATPL exam (CAAC Chinese ATPL).
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You can use your mobile devices (tablet or smartphone) or a regular web browser. Easily synchronize your account across all devices.
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We provide videos with explanations of specific topics from general navigation.

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Customer testimonials
John Mayers
GCAA test success!

GCAA Airlaw exam MUST HAVE there are some supplemental questions that will help you get closer to 100%. Very happy with the product.
Ben Gossman
Simple and effective!

Awesome app for your air law exam. Study as much as you can but for the last week before your exam go through this, make sure you answer every question, you are guaranteed 90% if you put in the work. it's worth every penny.