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FASTTRACK ATPL and Aviation Insider have forged an exciting new partnership aiming at bringing ATPL students the next step of from their training with type rating question banks and other Aviation Insider products/services. Between the 2 companies and through the App of Fasttrack ATPL Aviation Insider users can gain useful insight into refreshing their ATPL knowledge for all regulatory authorities worldwide as well as any ATPL student who may not know about ATPL question banks as we highly recommend Fasttrack ATPL. Aviation Insider is split into 2 part, The simulator part in which we offer the following:

  • Grading and Assessments for airlines, flight schools and companies.
  • Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation - 65+ instructors over a wide variety of aircraft fleets
  • ATPL Unfreezing/upgrades
  • License revalidation's - LOC/OPC
  • Simulator Experiences
  • Corporate experience packages and CRM courses
  • Simulator refresher Courses
  • Command Preparation
All the above is done on a wide variety of full motion simulators based across the U.K. We have access to the following aircraft; a320, a330, 737NG, 737CL, 747, 757/767, E135/146 and E190

The second part of our company is all our online content (web and app format):

  • ATPL Question banks for 3 countries
  • Type Rating question Banks
  • ATPL Revision Notes
  • Revision Flashcards
  • Airline Simulator assessment guides
  • Aircraft study guides
Coming soon

  • Aptitude testing
  • Aviation English
  • Interview preparation
  • How to guides
Aviation Insider Services
Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation

The Aviation Insider professional, one-to-one simulator assessment preparation sessions are designed to give you the best possible chance of passing the simulator check and getting the job.

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Pilot training

Simulator refresher package, airline simulator preparation and much more.

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Type rating question banks

The Aviation Insider question banks for The Airbus A320, A330, Boeing 737, Embraer 145 and Dash-8 Q400 cover every system on each aircraft and will ensure you are properly prepared for your exam or Type Rating technical test.

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Revision notes and guides

Aviation Insider ATPL and Aircraft Revision notes offer a detailed system by system and subject by subject analysis.

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Popular Question Database

EASA ATPL Package (former JAA)

This package provides you with an up-to-date questionbank of more than 8.000 ATPL questions according to EASA (former JAA).

You can subscribe to this questionnaire catalog in our App. (Browser based subscription and training is coming soon!)

  • 1174 Questions
  • 18 Categories