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Air law and operational procedures GCAA

The subject "UAE GCAA Air Law and Operational Procedures" provides especially applicants from the Middle East Region with an up to date question bank. Our GCAA air law exam questions help tp prepare for the theoretical exam.

  • 1088 Questions
  • 18 Categories
(former JAA)

This package provides you with an up-to-date questionbank of more than 8.000 ATPL questions according to EASA (former JAA).

  • 8110 Questions
  • 117 Categories
  • Detailed solution explanations

All in one English questionbank for your ultimate preparation for the Chinese CAAC ATPL exam. If you are planing to go for the Chinese ATPL license this app will be of great help to you! It covers all relevant chapters like Meteorology, Aerodynamics, Navigation, not to forget the tricky Civil Aviation Law, Public Air Transport, ICAO Convention and Annex and many more. An app which offers you an efficient and quick way to your success!

  • 2940 Questions
  • 21 Categories